About Charles

I’ve spent the last 5 years studying and learning entrepreneurial, business, leadership, and personal development success secrets & strategies from the most successful entrepreneurs, business men & women, leaders, and personal development thought leaders of the last 100 years or so.

My studies have taught me that there are 4 vital areas in enhancing an organization's performance: strategy, innovation, marketing, and management. Most importantly, I learned that BIG BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGHS come from taking different success concepts from different industries and adapting them to fit your specific enterprise.

As an employee, I’ve brought this knowledge, skill, and expertise to help add and create immense value, solve real problems, and capitalize on hidden assets & overlooked opportunities to significantly increase the bottom line for my employers.

As an Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of The Muamba Group, I aspire to bring you the same knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you add and create immense value for your enterprise and its constituents.

My mission & purpose is not only to help your enterprise reach higher levels of profitability and success but to change the way you go about making money altogether. In essence, to actually make getting money faster, easier, predictable, and much more enjoyable and enabling you to have a greater sense of control and pleasure from running the enterprise.

It is my intention to show, coach, train and mentor you on how to implement ultra effective advertising, management, marketing, and sales; strategies, tools, tactics, and systems to attract more desirable strategic alliances, clients, increase the total size per transaction, and increase the lifetime value of your clients which ultimately will result in increasing the bottom line net profits of your enterprise.

Charles Muamba
Founder & CEO
The Muamba Group