The world asks much of those of us who are entrepreneurs and, by nature, we are self-driven and confident in our decisions. We are willing to take risks and put ourselves on the line for our own ideas and for our business to succeed. Whether we are giving up our full-time job to start something new, or whether we have a "side-hustle", we dedicate our time and energy into the things we believe will make us successful. Having taken many risks myself, I have relied on my willingness to make things work and have created independence, decisiveness, and self-motivation along the way. These are key characteristics for entrepreneurs, but they can make us overly confident and self-reliant. Asking for help is a skill that all entrepreneurs must learn. Asking for help, however, is thought of as a weakness. It shouldn't be.

When you think about it, you actually gain so much more by asking for help. 

Starting from scratch is noble, but why break your neck trying when an answer could be offered by asking a seasoned entrepreneur? Regardless of the types of businesses out there, the foundations of running a business and developing entrepreneurial skills remain the same. Learn by experience, but leverage others' experiences as often as possible! That should be the goal of every entrepreneur.

I'm lucky to have studied with some of the best marketing gurus in the industry. I have worked to help myself and my clients gain the wisdom of my experience and the experience of everyone I have learned from, and I never stop learning. Each time I speak with a client, we learn from one another, and we make each other aware of things that we alone never would have considered. 

I believe in real collaboration and helping to develop systems in businesses that already work well and have data that we can use to propel them to the next level of success! I look forward to working with my clients every day! I take on new clients every month by interview only. Contact me at charles@charlesmuamba.com and schedule an appointment.